CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer

CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • Common curriculum covering all the certifications
  • Duration 4 to 6 days
  • Mock tests for scenario based tests included
  • Hands On on State of the art lab
  • Certification Simulators are provided

This four-day hands-on training course delivers the key concepts and expertise developers need to develop high-performance parallel applications with Apache Spark 2. Participants will learn how to use Spark SQL to query structured data and Spark Streaming to perform real-time processing on streaming data from a variety of sources. Developers will also practice writing applications that use core Spark to perform ETL processing and iterative algorithms. The course covers how to work with large datasets stored in a distributed file system, and execute Spark applications on a Hadoop cluster. After taking this course, participants will be prepared to face real-world challenges and build applications to execute faster decisions, better decisions, and interactive analysis, applied to a wide variety of use cases, architectures, and industries.

With this course update, we streamlined the agenda to help you quickly become productive with the most important technologies, including Spark 2.

Here's What You'll Get:
  • 4-Day Instructor Led, In class Training Course (breakfast, Lunch provided)
  • Led by Cloudera Certified Trainer
  • Cloudera Certified Associate(CCA) 175 Examination Fee Included
  • ITVersity Labs 13 node cluster and certification simulator for 3 months
  • Online Support and 12 free webinars for 6 months
Course Details
Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will navigate the Hadoop ecosystem, learning how to::
  • Distribute, store, and process data in a Hadoop cluster
  • Write, configure, and deploy Spark applications on a cluster
  • Use the Spark shell for interactive data analysis
  • Process and query structured data using Spark SQL
  • Use Spark Streaming to process a live data stream
Required Skills
What to Expect & Pre-requisites:

This course is designed for developers and engineers who have programming experience, but prior knowledge of Hadoop and/or Spark is not required.

  • Apache Spark examples and hands-on exercises are presented in Scala and Python. The ability to program in one of those languages is required.
  • Basic familiarity with the Linux command line is assumed.
  • Basic knowledge of SQL is helpful
  • Programming skills in general
  • Laptop of 4 GB configuration with 64 bit operating system (Windows, Linux or MacOS)
  • Access to or Cloudera Quickstart VM (it requires laptop with 16 GB RAM, i7 Quad Core)
Get Certified

Upon completion of the course, attendees are encouraged to continue their study and register for the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer exam. Certification is a great differentiator. It helps establish you as a leader in the field, providing employers and customers with tangible evidence of your skills and expertise.

CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175) Details
  • Number of Questions: 10–12 performance-based (hands-on) tasks on CDH5 cluster. See below for full cluster configuration
  • Time Limit: 120 minutes
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Language: English
  • Price: USD $295

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