We guide you through your Agile Transformation.

Solutions That Provide Results

Reap the benefits of Aleph Technologies’ expertise applying Agile methods and solutions. We will be your guide and mentor through your business’s Agile transformation and align you with a trajectory of growth that maintains strategic priorities. The benefits of an Agile transformation include dramatic improvements to delivery effectiveness, shortened time cycles, and heightened responsiveness to change. Work in tandem with Aleph Technologies to develop a practical plan of action, implement necessary changes, and move your company to new heights with a culture of learning, innovation and growth throughout your organization.

Agile Solutions

  •   Agile Solutions
  •   Capability Spotlight
  •   Agile Assessments
  •   Agile Coaching
  •   Agile Implementations
  •   Certification Workshops
  •   Agile Business Consulting
  •   Agile Delivery Leadership
  •   Lean Enterprise
  •   Lean Organization
  •   Organizational Transformation
  •   Rapid Prototyping
  •   Innovation Labs

Project Management

  •   Portfolio Management
  •   Scope Management
  •   Risk Management
  •   Regulatory & Compliance
  •   Org Model Assessment
  •   Offshore SI Management
  •   Resource & Vendor Management
  •   Project Management
  •   Change Management

Solution Strategy

  •   Agile Solutions
  •   Lean Architecture
  •   Big Data
  •   Mobile Technologies
  •   Information Security
  •   Offshore SI Management
  •   Cloud Computing
  •   Digital Social Media
  •   System Integration
  •   Data Warehousing Analytics
  •   Data Management

Software Development

  •   Product Development
  •   Cloud Advisory Services
  •   Infrastructure Management
  •   Configuration Management
  •   Continuous Integration
  •   Deployment Automation
  •   Analytics
  •   Big Data Architecture & Strategy
  •   Big Data Implementation
  •   Mobile Application Development
  •   Enterprise Mobile Management
  •   User Experience Design
  •   Quality Assurance

Our Clients

Our experienced group of professionals leverage years of solutions delivery background, with top companies in all major industries, to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.