Aleph Technologies has provided instruction and guidance to countless individual and corporate clients.
We assist with Agile transformations, employee training, and leadership guidance through a variety of services.

Our Vision

Transform the world of work, by the way we work.

Coordinating employees to implement Agile methodologies into all aspects of their work can be a struggle. Many companies settle for a Scrum Master to play the role of an Agile coach, but while a Scrum Master has received excellent education and skills from their certification course, they may not have the experience or availability for such a role. A Scrum Master keeps teams on track within a sprint to fulfill the expectations of the product backlog utilizing an Agile approach. By contrast, an Agile coach takes a wider focus on The Company and incorporates the Agile mindset into The Company’s DNA.

  • An Agile coach will bring the focus of the team back to an Agile mindset to improve productivity and problem solving.
  • An Agile coach is a catalyst for growth that both embodies the change and pushes it forward.
  • A coach is not a permanent member of The Company and this incentivizes employees to learn from the coach and develop new skills as opposed to relying on the coach to accomplish tasks for them.
  • An Agile coach will work at all levels of the business to integrate Agile into all aspects of its functioning.

Are you preparing for an Agile transformation? Have you recently undergone one? Did you attempt a transition in the past, but change has stagnated? It can be easy for a company to become complacent and entrenched in antiquated practices. Agile transformations require diligent attention to the process to successfully transition to a new and more effective approach to completing tasks. An outside understanding of the Agile methodology and its role in a company is essential to properly transitioning into an effective Agile-based company. We will guide you in incorporating Agile methodologies at all levels of your business. Bring team members, management, product owners, Scrum masters, and other members of the organization on to the same page and provide them the tools to produce quality work.

We partner with skilled trainers that have the real-world experience necessary to provide effective and relevant training. Classes utilize practical exercises, group work, lectures, instructor feedback, online resources and more to properly convey all relevant information and techniques. Whether you have experience with the material being presented or not, our courses allow you to sharpen abilities you already possess and develop new skills to improve your productivity and value. Classes will allow you to become more effective in your current position or prepare for a transition in your career. For businesses that have multiple employees that require certification, we can arrange on-site courses for your group and provide ongoing education options for employees

Take advantage of the expertise of our consulting team to begin shaping a more productive and successful future for your company. Whether you are a small business or an expansive corporation, a startup or an established enterprise, are undergoing an Agile transformation or have an established methodology for production, or are simply seeking a general assessment, we will take a rigorous look at your practices and structure to bring about positive change and growth. Reasonable and achievable goals will be developed and a schedule for implementing changes and new practices will be put into effect. We will work closely with you and educate your staff so that you can handle problem solving and implementing solutions on your own in the future. Aleph Technologies will align you with a trajectory of growth and success for your company’s future.

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